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This sculpture is part of my most recent body of work, pertaining to the 4 Sacred Directions. This sculpture plus, the next two, are from my “Four Sacred Directions” series of work. The Four Sacred Directions was a philosophy/world-view of my Aztec ancestors. It represents the structure of the earth, the universe and its’ creation. Each cardinal point had a spirit and a color associated with their direction. It’s also a philosophy that is/was held by other Native American tribes, although there were some differences in the myths, spirits and color designations. The equilateral cross is also representative of the balance between the spiritual and the physical, both having equal importance.

Forged steel sculpture of the 4 sacred directions, steel rose sculpture, sculpture with fire
Grandmother and Grandfather Fire
Forged mild steel and copper with heat patina and enamels
10"h x 10"w x 4"d

Collection of Mary Zehender